Raging Sky

Ambush in the Sky

     The rag-tag crew of the airship Serenity set out in their new prototype ship, beginning their journies in the vast and shattered world. Among the crew are a deck swabbie who dreams of some day being a hero, an eccentric cook with a trio of animal companions, a deckhand with a taste for brutal justice, a traveling dragonborn sorcerer and a strange stowaway.
     Their trip begins slowly and without event as the crew begin to get to know each other. Kreig the deckhand has a chance encounter with the stowaway, who says no words, only hushing him and scampering off to another part of the ship. Falan, the cook, keeps constant eyes on all parts of the ship with the aid of his animal companions, playing jokes and toying with the sorcerer, Kriv from time to time. As the strange crew meets and interacts with each other, Captain Kirkson and his first mate Vera Wind steer the ship onward to their destination.
     A passenger also travels with them, an elven princess whom the young Joseph Carroway takes a fancy to and begins to chat with in an effort to learn more of her and her reclusive people. As the days go on there is little to note save for a strong storm that causes a change in course. Late on the third day, much of the crew rests below as Carroway and the princess stroll along the deck, none knowing what was barring down upon them.
     With little warning, flying skiffs laden with goblins soar out of the growing darkness of the evening, boarding the ship and beginning their assault. Carroway fights to keep them off the princess as the rest of the crew rouses and begins their counterattack. The crew’s combat is erratic, having never fought together before, they stumble through the battle, gradually picking up a rhythm. Though they manage to fend off most of the goblins, they still don’t manage to keep the princess from capture and a lone goblin escaped with her on one of the skiffs before they can stop it.
     Thankfully for the crew, the cook was able to track where the goblin took her with the aid of his spirit companion, giving them a lead on recovering her.

Damage Report

Minor damage suffered to the observation and command decks, caused by a burning concoction employed by the goblin raiders and crash landing skiffs. No other damage to report. Several casualties, two crewman suffered severe injuries and will be unable to resume their duties for some time while another suffered fatal burn wounds. His family will be informed personally upon our return by Capt. Kirkson. While unfortunate, his family will be the only one to receive this service in the coming years. We’ve undertaken a dangerous mission, and all the men and women aboard this ship know the risks, but I will strive to keep as many of them alive as possible.

Casualty Report

Watchmen Biliand Algose – Combat injuries, incapacitated, non-fatal

Ensign Thiri Priar – Combat injuries, minor burns, non-fatal

Deckhand Baugan Sagivole – Combat injuries, 3rd degree burns, fatal

Vera Wind, 1st Officer



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